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greedy adj
1 immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth; "they are avaricious and will do anything for money"; "casting covetous eyes on his neighbor's fields"; "a grasping old miser"; "grasping commercialism"; "greedy for money and power"; "grew richer and greedier"; "prehensile employers stingy with raises for their employees" [syn: avaricious, covetous, grabby, grasping, prehensile]
2 (often followed by `for') ardently or excessively desirous; "avid for adventure"; "an avid ambition to succeed"; "fierce devouring affection"; "the esurient eyes of an avid curiosity"; "greedy for fame" [syn: avid, devouring(a), esurient]
3 wanting to eat or drink more than one can reasonably consume; "don't be greedy with the cookies" [also: greediest, greedier]

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Old English grædiġ



  1. Having greed; consumed by selfish desires



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Greedy is a 1994 comedy film starring Michael J. Fox, Kirk Douglas and Nancy Travis, directed by Jonathan Lynn. It was written by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel. The original music score was composed by Randy Edelman. The film was marketed with the tagline "Where there's a will... there's a relative."

Plot summary

The plot revolves around the relatives of wealthy scrap metal tycoon, Uncle Joe McTeague (Kirk Douglas), sucking up to him in order to inherit his millions. They decide to bring in their little nephew Daniel (Michael J. Fox) to help. Danny also is at his uncle's house to get a loan to invest. At first, Daniel does not want the money, but soon feels he needs to try and inherit it before the money falls into the hands of his greedy relatives, or Uncle Joe's attractive nurse, Molly Richardson, played by Olivia D'Abo. This was the last film Kirk Douglas completed prior to suffering a stroke in 1996 that altered his acting method significantly.
Other relatives are played by Ed Begley, Jr., Bob Balaban and Phil Hartman. The film also features Nancy Travis as Danny's girlfriend Robin Hunter.
The name "McTeague" for the main character is a reference to the movie Greed (film) (1924), and novel McTeague, dealing with the effects of greed on human characters.

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Apician, a hog for, acquiring, acquisitive, all-devouring, ambitious for self, autistic, avaricious, avid, bolting, bottomless, careerist, close, cormorant, coveting, covetous, cramming, crapulent, crapulous, craving, desirous, devouring, edacious, egotistical, esurient, glutting, gluttonizing, gluttonous, gobbling, gorging, grabby, grasping, gulping, guttling, guzzling, hoggish, hyperphagic, individualistic, insatiable, insatiate, intemperate, itchy, limitless, materialistic, mean, mercenary, mingy, miserly, money-hungry, money-mad, narcissistic, near, niggardly, omnivorous, overgreedy, parsimonious, penny-pinching, penurious, personalistic, piggish, polyphagic, possessive, prehensile, privatistic, quenchless, rapacious, ravening, ravenous, remote, self-absorbed, self-admiring, self-advancing, self-besot, self-centered, self-considerative, self-contained, self-devoted, self-esteeming, self-indulgent, self-interested, self-jealous, self-occupied, self-pleasing, self-seeking, self-serving, self-sufficient, selfish, slakeless, sordid, stingy, stuffing, swinish, tight, tight-fisted, unappeasable, unappeased, unquenchable, unsated, unsatisfied, unslakeable, unslaked, venal, voracious, wolfing
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